Christmas Cards

We are reliable, sustainable christmas card suppliers in Australia. Our range includes the famous VisseVasse xmas cards in many different designs.

Is there anything better than when a postcard drops into your letterbox? Tucked away among the junk mail and bills. Maybe an invitation for a wedding or a birthday greeting from your granny with a couple of notes inside for a shopping spree. This is becoming a rarer occasion, but we want to change that with our wide selection of stylish ViSSEVASSE greeting cards you can choose from below.

The card is printed in Denmark on 350 gram silkmat. The C6 envelope is multi design. FSC certified.

If you would like us to be your wholesale, eco friendly christmas card distributor, then register for an account or contact us for more information.

ViSSEVASSE Christmas In The Greenhouse

ViSSEVASSE Christmas In The Greenhouse