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Everyone loves family time. During the holidays, at birthdays, or on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon. When the family gets together it’s great to have a game that everyone can enjoy, both young and old alike. Put up some prizes, pick a bingo caller, and you’re ready to play. The rules are simple: -Each player chooses a picture board, and a caller is appointed. -The caller draws a tile and describes the image on it. -The player who has the matching image on their board calls out ‘Hey’, gets the tile, and places it on their board. -The winner is the first player who gets a full board. 

The game contains 12 different picture boards and 108 different picture tiles. Number of participants: 2–12 players aged 2 to 99 years (or any age, as long as you haven’t forgotten how to have fun!)

This product is FSC®-certified. The FSC label is your guarantee that you can buy the paper product with a clear conscience. By choosing FSC-labelled products you are helping to protect our forests and the people and animals that live in them.


SKU F-2018-009-G8
Barcode # 5713138800996
Brand Visse Vasse
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Shipping width 0.110m
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Shipping length 0.065m

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